Silk vs Satin

What are the differences between silk and satin? 

  • Silk is a natural fibre and satin is a weave
  • Satin can be created using used silk or other materials 
  • Satin has a glossy surface with a dull back whereas silk has a more shimmery look
  • Silk is much more expensive to produce than satin because satin can be created using synthetic fibres, such as polyester 
  • Silk is a stronger fabric than satin 
  • Satin does not absorb water so can be uncomfortable to wear during warm weather, whereas silk is a natural body temperature regulator and can be worn in all season
  • Satin is not hypoallergenic; silk is naturally hypoallergenic 
  • Although satin may look silky and smooth, it won't be as soft to the touch as silk 
  • Satin is cheap; Silk is luxury