1. Silk is free of any chemicals and contains only natural substances

2. Silk is protein-based and contains vital amino acids that help hair retain moisture and promote growth

3. Silk is hypoallergenic of all fabrics - it does not attract dust mites and resists dust, fungi, mold and other allergens

4. Silk reduces friction and does not create static electricity easily, so it does not cling to your body

5. While cotton and polyester withdraw moisture from the skin, silk can replenish and maintain the moisture needed and relieves dry, flaky skin conditions 

6. With albumen, a natural chemical found in silk, the skin's metabolism speeds up, allowing dead skin cells to develop and repair at a much faster rate, thereby slowing down the effects of aging in the long-term

7. Silk prevents hair breakages, tangles, and frizz. Many hair conditioners and salon treatments are made with silk protein, known as sericin 

8. Silk can prevent wrinkles due to its smooth surface with very little friction 

9. Silk regulates your body temperature by keeping you cool on hot days and preserves your body heat in the cold 

10. Silk is the perfect material for those with allergies or sensitive skin, as it is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant